Future of Jews linked to Second Coming

Roy Schoeman speaking at the 2015 Eucharistic Convention
at Sacred Heart College in Auckland.

The Holocaust will only make sense if viewed through the light of the Catholic faith as
part of salvation history where Jewish people play a central role: Their conversion
will pave the way for the second coming of Christ.

Roy Schoeman speaking at the 2015 Eucharistic Convention at Sacred Heart College in Auckland.

Roy Schoeman speaking at the 2015 Eucharistic Convention
at Sacred Heart College in Auckland.

According to Jewish convert to Catholicism and former Harvard Business School professor Roy Schoeman, if a person views the Holocaust as a central event in salvation history between the first and the second coming, one can see why the devil wants to exterminate the race.
“One way for the devil to delay or even abort the second coming would be to prevent the conversion of the Jews — or if there are no Jews,” he said.
Mr Schoeman, speaking at the 2015 Eucharistic Convention on April 11, said Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI pointed out that the existence of Jews as a people “shows us something of the mystery of God”.
He said Pope Benedict explained that their existence shows there is more than chance at
work here.
“When you look at the story of the Jewish people between the first and the second coming, one
is struck by two things: One is that they exist at all,” he said.
“As Pope Benedict pointed out, there is no other example in the history of mankind of an ethnic group, and a relatively insignificant ethnic group at that, that maintained their identity
for 2000 years without a homeland, without a geographic centre.”
He said the other aspect to that mystery is anti-Semitism itself.
“There’s no example of other groups that have been hated everywhere in the world by every
other people at every point in time like the Jews,” he said.
Mr Schoeman said he believes anti-Semitism is a reflection of two things: first, a grudge held by the devil against them for giving Jesus and Mary to the world — which spelled his defeat.
The second, Mr Schoeman explained, is “that the second coming can’t happen until there is a
widespread, wholesale conversion of Jews”.
He said there is no doubt that Adolf Hitler, an occultist, was a tool of the devil. “As the chief exorcist of Rome, Fr Gabrielle Amorth, has said, ‘Hitler was certainly consecrated
to Satan’.”
He said echoes of Hitler’s evil campaigns still reverberate today. Eugenics, or selective breeding to bring out the “best” version of humanity, is at the core of Planned Parenthood,
which brought abortion and contraception to the United States.
Dr Ernst Rudin, director of German programme German Eugenics at the time, was a frequent contributor to Birth Control Review, an American magazine in the early to mid-1900s
run by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.
“The very same spiritual impulse which was at the centre of Hitler’s campaign to eradicate
the Jews is at the centre of Planned Parenthood and the same impulse towards contraception
and abortion,” he said.
He admitted it is hard to see all these events happening and still see the hand of God at work.
“One of the reasons for going through this [explanation] is to flesh them out so that when
we fear and you look at all the dark forces in the world, we see the pattern and we see what’s going on. It’s not a cause for discouragement, and in fact it’s a cause for seeing salvation history unfolding,” he said.

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  1. Leo says

    The connection of the Jewish Holocaust with the modern holocaust of in utero children is well made. And there are more parallels.
    Like the Jews, in utero children have been declared non-persons so as to facilitate their extermination.
    As in the Jewish Holocaust, the citizens look the other way.
    We are living in Nazi Germany, and behaving as we despise the German citizens for so doing.

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