Southern section of pilgrimage calls in at various centres

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The Pilgrimage for Life started from two places: Cape
Reinga in the Far North and Bluff in the Deep South. On September 1, one group of Catholic lay people left Cape Reinga with a statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, while another group departed from Bluff with a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The two statues were scheduled to travel throughout the country and meet in Wellington on September 18, the day before select committee submissions on the Abortion Legislation Bill submissions closed.

“The Pilgrimage for Life” as it was known, was organised by Family Life International New Zealand, and attracted interest, not only from Catholics, but also from other people who oppose the practice of abortion in this country.

On September 2, the southern section of the pilgrimage
stopped at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic church in Gore. There the pilgrims recited the Rosary with local people and joined with them for lunch in the church foyer.

After lunch, the pilgrimage resumed and this time went on to the Catholic Church at Balclutha before moving on the Dunedin on the journey to Wellington.

The pilgrimage for that stage was led by Sharon Peterson of Gore.

When the pilgrimage left for its next stop at Milton, it was led by a Balclutha Catholic parishioner.

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