Dame Whina’s long march

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Between March 12 and April 6, 1930, the world’s media contained daily reports of an Indian protest march from the Sabarmati ashram to Dandi on Gujarat’s western coast. Led by Mahatma Gandhi, it became the symbolic start of anti-colonial resistance using non-violent methods. The “salt march” was one of the … Read More about Dame Whina’s long march

NZ priest asks: What is the Church for?

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BUT WHAT IS THE CHURCH FOR? by Neil Darragh. Accent Publications. 2021. 204pp $40. Reviewed by Br RICHARD DUNLEAVY, FMS An arresting title! The sub-title explains it more specifically: “What is the mission of the local Church?”. When I first leafed through the book from the back, I was struck … Read More about NZ priest asks: What is the Church for?

The Godfather after 50 years

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Ian Fleming’s minor role in the war drama Operation Mincemeat was greatly outweighed by his later fame as an author. Fleming, an officer in British Naval Intelligence, had earlier been in charge of Operation Goldeneye, a stay-behind plan to prevent a possible alliance between Spain’s Generalissimo Franco and the Axis … Read More about The Godfather after 50 years

Faking it on the make  

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As a cultural force, long-form, or limited series, movies on the major streaming services have become a juggernaut that is leaving traditional fare in the dust. These extra-long features differ from conventional TV series by having a complete story, rather than spinning out episodes in “seasons” with the same set … Read More about Faking it on the make  

A cancelled year to regret

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The past Covid-19-affected year was possibly worse for the cinema than 2020. Hollywood studios began the slow release of big-budget productions, as northern hemisphere theatres reopened, but this was rudely interrupted by another New Zealand lockdown that lasted even longer in Auckland, and in Hamilton to a lesser degree.  The biggest … Read More about A cancelled year to regret

All-but-forgotten Rosminian was a powerful preacher

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by FR MICHAEL HILL, IC  One hundred and fifty years ago no one had any conception of the Internet or other modern means of communication. There was no TV, no radio, no cinema, no music hall, and many ordinary people were illiterate. Communication therefore was almost exclusively via the spoken word.  Preaching was a prized … Read More about All-but-forgotten Rosminian was a powerful preacher