Greece and greed

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Long-term relationships between filmmakers and actors usually indicate mutually rewarding rapport. The empathy between director Michael Winterbottom and Steve Coogan has resulted in a laid-back travelogue series over the past 10 years and a handful of offbeat movies. Winterbottom is one of Britain’s most productive film-makers – 30 feature films and … Read More about Greece and greed

A black-and-white view of what it means to be Catholic

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“I’m Catholic. Now What?” by Shaun McAfee. Our Sunday Visitor (Huntington, Indiana, 2019). 335 pp., US$19.95. “What to Say and How to Say It: Discuss Your Catholic Faith With Clarity and Confidence” by Brandon Vogt. Ave Maria Press (Notre Dame, Indiana, 2020). 235 pp., US$16.95. Reviewed by MITCH FINLEY (CNS) … Read More about A black-and-white view of what it means to be Catholic

Racial spin on Vietnam war

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The wave of global protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement would have been no surprise to African-American writer-director Spike Lee. Since his debut feature, She’s Gotta Have It in 1986, he has provoked black and white audiences alike with movies that range from the highly personal and … Read More about Racial spin on Vietnam war

Putting theory into practice

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Critics of the creative arts occasionally attempt their own artistic expression, while others try the reverse.  Hollywood filmmaker Paul Schrader was brought up in a strict Protestant household that banned access to movies and television. He studied movies in his university days, resulting in a 1972 book, Transcendental Style in Film. It … Read More about Putting theory into practice

A worthwhile investment for daily spiritual nourishment

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“Who Do You Say I Am?: Daily Reflections on the Bible, the Saints and the Answer That Is Christ”, by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. (Image, New York, 2019). 369 pp, US$26. Reviewed by BRIAN OLSZEWSKI (CNS). Anyone who has ever heard Cardinal Timothy Dolan – in personal conversation, interviewed on TV, … Read More about A worthwhile investment for daily spiritual nourishment

‘Hollywood’ reinvents its past

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Viewing habits are adapting to post-Covid-19 conditions. One is the acceptance of “limited series” formats on streaming platforms that resemble standard-length features made for the big screen. These are not the padded-out crime stories using formulaic characters. At their best, series of four-to-eight episodes allow greater plot nuance and character development. … Read More about ‘Hollywood’ reinvents its past