The day it ‘snowed’ at a Sth Auckland preschool

17 Clover Park midwinter


Staff at St Peter Chanel Preschool in Clover Park, South Auckland, wanted the children in their care to experience what is happening to the world today and to learn about the many changes that occur, including climate change.

Therefore “The Winter Wonderland” event was organised at the preschool.

On August 14, they were joined by the other preschools under the umbrella of the Auckland Catholic Preschool Trust; these others being St John the Evangelist Preschool, Otara, and Mar Addai, Papatoetoe. All the staff members worked together to create a realistic winter playground.

They organised a truck filled with ice to arrive on site. It filled the under-2 playground, so it looked and felt like it had snowed.

The children were taught how climate change can affect the world and what people can do to stop it, and the three states of matter — solid, liquid and gas.

The children had an amazing time playing in the “snow” with their friends, learning about climate change and the wonders of God’s creation.

The teachers believe that it’s crucial for the children to start learning how to adapt to life at an early age, so when they grow up they can continue to adapt.

Proverbs 22:6 “Give a lad a training suitable to his character and, even when old, he will not go back on it”.

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