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A new website featuring art created by talented, but not well-known, young Catholic artists, launched in the last week of October.  

       Daniel Morton-Jones

Called “Everything Blessed”, the website was an idea that came to Daniel Morton-Jones, who knew creative people who didn’t have a platform to promote their work.  

“My sister, for example, she has done amazing artwork just for fun in her free time, which I’ve always thought was ridiculously good,” he said. “But then, I moved to the South Island. And so many people down here in the Catholic communities have unbelievable art skills.”  

Mr Morton-Jones, 21, thought this was a niche that has not yet been filled.   

“I have so many people around me who are amazingly talented, and if I can put a platform together where they can show inspiring Catholic art at pretty humble prices and get it out there . . . so, that’s what we’ve done,” he said.  

The youth-driven project was conceived during last year’s lockdown. By Christmas last year, Mr Morton-Jones and his sister Rebekah and Elaina Milnes were working out ways to make the dream a reality. 

Elaina Milnes with one of her artworks.

“It’s been a year in the making, slowly accumulating and figuring things out, and talking to a lot of people and seeing who can get professional, proper quality, German etching prints and prices. It’s taken a long journey, especially when all of us are in full-time dedicated work or student life,” he said.  

“We do not have the funds to buy our own so, in the meantime, we use local manufacturers known for professionalism and premium quality.”  

Mr Morton-Jones said that, at the time of the launch, they had three artists, the youngest of whom was 13 years old. There are three others waiting to join them.  

“They are all cool people who love God and love life and are great at art,” he said.  

He said the prices are being kept at a humble level, to make the art accessible to everyone.   

“We need enough to keep it running and we need enough for the artist to be able to keep producing art. But we’re definitely being humble about the profits. You can’t charge people too much,” he said.  

He said he loves helping out the young artists.  

“It makes the artists happy. It’s really cool for them, and I’m just happy to keep on going and see what happens with this,” he said. “It’s definitely not a capitalist business that’s trying to make money.”  

The art they accept is not limited to religious images.  

“Though we encourage that, it’s really up to the artist. It comes down to the inspiration they have, and what they’re feeling. What I can offer is a platform and getting the word out,” he said.   

“We just like beauty. Beauty and artwork glorify God. I think, God is beauty and everything beautiful will glorify him,” he added.  

Mr Morton-Jones said that they are also on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  

Artists who would like to join them can leave a message on their website or contact them on their social media accounts, he said.  

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