A plan that preserves everything for harvest time

July 19: Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Readings: 1. Wisdom 12:13,16-19; Psalm: 86; 2. Romans 8:26-27; Gospel: Matthew 13:24-43.

With the help of these readings, we come to understand the way in which God rules our world and calls us into a special relationship with him.

Fr Kevin Waldie sm

The Wisdom writer is inviting us to consider how God exercises his power in our midst. Despite his majesty and sovereign authority, he is greatly concerned for his own people. And so, in all his dealings with humanity, he acts justly and with much leniency and patience. This kindly attitude towards human sinfulness generously allows for hope of future amends.

Today, in a few spare words, Paul assures the Romans that the Spirit is their companion in their weaknesses. This is a message that also gives hope. And it is a message that is vitally important if the will of God is to be achieved. When a believer, therefore, puts his or her faith in the quiet presence of the Holy Spirit, God is seen to be patiently at work to secure the best possible outcome for the human race.

Dominating the Gospel passage from Matthew is the parable of the field with weeds growing among the good seed. The plan adopted here preserves everything for harvest time. It is then that the weeds can be safely removed, and the good seed sorted from the bad. This reasoned decision indicates that God exercises a great degree of patience in his plan for the coming of the kingdom of heaven. The future is thus in the hands of the God, who wills to overcome evil and establish the magnitude of his supreme power.

By pondering the Scripture readings for this Sunday, we find ourselves entering into a realm of wonder. For, in each text, we have an opportunity to learn patience and perseverance in anticipation of the coming of the Son of Man.



Fr Kevin Waldie sm

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