Christians from many denominations in colossal Signature Choir performance at Spark Arena


Signature Choir had the pleasure of performing with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra at the Spark Arena on Friday, November 24, 2023.

This was the Mana Moana concert of folk songs from the Pasifika islands of Samoa, Cook Island, Fiji, Niue, Tokelau and the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Signature Choir is made of members from different Christian denominations and Pasifika communities.

Music directors Fepulea’I Helen Tupai and Jadrah Tupai come from the Catholic Parish of Wellington South and Pacific Island Presbyterian Church, Newtown.

The 50 members from Wellington arrived on November 22 to join the 30 Auckland singers to form a 180-member choir, to perform with the NZ Symphony Orchestra.

A sold-out crowd of over 7000 people coming from all over Auckland and New Zealand, came to support and witness a colossal performance of all proportion.  People danced in the aisles and near the stage, cheered on the choir and orchestra – described by many who attended as a moment of pheromonal pride.  As this was a one night only concert, the tickets sold out quickly from the success of the Wellington concert last year.

Photo: Signature Choir on stage at Spark Arena

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