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“Your Catholic Corner”, a long-standing Catholic radio show in Hamilton, is embracing an exciting new chapter as it transitions to a digital podcast format. Under the hosting and production of Julie South, the show aims to foster a deeper connection with God’s Word among its listeners.

Originally launched and generously sponsored by St Matthew’s Parish in Hamilton, “Your Catholic Corner” enters the podcasting world sponsored by the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Hamilton.

“Your Catholic Corner” has evolved from its beginnings in 2000 on the AM network to subsequent years on FM. The show’s development owes everything to the dedication of volunteers, including Barry Pryor from St Peter Chanel Parish, and Ken Moffat and John Wort from St Matthew’s Parish, Hamilton. Julie South, who joined as an announcer in 2010, will continue to uphold “Your Catholic Corner’s” mission of sharing the power of God’s Word through digital podcasting.

Starting on August 31, 2023, “Your Catholic Corner” will be available every Thursday, offering spiritual insights to enrich listeners’ preparation for Sunday Mass. The podcast can be accessed free of charge on major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as via its Facebook page @YourCatholicCorner.

People can join Julie South as she delves into the richness of each Sunday’s liturgical readings, exploring profound teachings from Old Testament prophecies to Gospel parables. “Your Catholic Corner” welcomes everyone, whether on a journey of exploration, new to Catholicism, or a devoted Cradle Catholic. Julie South’s prayerful intention is to bring these sacred texts to life through insightful reflections and practical applications, to create a deeper relationship with God.

Listeners are encouraged to actively participate in each Sunday’s Mass, and become part of their local parish community. By tuning in to “Your Catholic Corner” each Thursday, they can experience the transformative power of God’s Word, and echo Samuel’s call found in 1 Samuel 3:9, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening”.

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