Chch 40 Days for Life faced intimidation

Some of those who took part in the 40 Days for Life in Christchurch this year (Photo: Rachel van der Plas)

Participants in the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign opposite Christchurch Women’s Hospital this year received “concerted pushback from a large number of protesters“, said spokesman Tony Jenkinson.

“Daily, for nearly three weeks, our people were subjected to some extreme harassment and intimidation,” Mr Jenkinson said.

“Interestingly, this did have the effect of bringing more pro-life people out to come and join us. And despite the harassment, we were still able to complete a very successful campaign.”

The recent 40 Days campaign began on February 17 (Ash Wednesday) and ended on March 28 (Palm Sunday). Christchurch Women’s Hospital is where the majority of Canterbury abortions are carried out. 40 Days for Life is an international Christian not-for-profit organisation that organises peaceful prayer campaigns against abortion in more than 60 nations worldwide. It is the world’s largest grassroots movement to end abortion.

Mr Jenkinson said 40 Days for Life has a proven track record of saving lives and closing abortion clinics throughout America and in many other countries over the past 20 years. God’s blessings have been apparent, he said.

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