Pro-life groups react to general election result

Pro-life groups have reacted to the general election result by issuing warnings, saying they will be closely monitoring several issues, and promising to work to build a culture of life.

Voice for Life noted that some 40 per cent of MPs who voted against the Abortion Legislation Bill in its third reading earlier this year would not be back in Parliament after the election.

Of the 51 MPs who voted against the bill at third reading, 22 are not returning. Of these, five were not standing and 17 were not re-elected. Of the 68 MPs who voted for the bill at third reading, 17 will not be returning – but only six were not re-elected.

Some commentors on social media have noted that strong pro-life MPs such as Alfred Ngaro and Agnes Loheni will be particularly missed.

In a facebook post on October 21, Voice for Life thanked all who “had the courage to vote against the inhumane” bill.

“Regardless of what happens during this next term of government, we will still be working hard to proactively build the culture of life in New Zealand,” another Voice for Life facebook post stated.

“We’ve got some awesome things lined up between now and Christmas, and even more exciting new ventures planned for the new year.”

Family First issued a statement, in the wake of the general election, stating that it was preparing for the next three years.

“We will continue to promote strong families, marriage, and the value of life, based on principles that have benefited New Zealand for generations,” it stated.

Family First stated that it will “initially be closely monitoring” key issues such as drug reform/liberalisation, euthanasia “slippery slope”, hate speech laws, sexuality and gender indoctrination in schools, religious freedom, and social media censorship.

Right to Life issued a warning as to what it called “the re-energised agenda that will be pursued by the government this term, which will increasingly threaten the sanctity of life and the traditional family, the foundation of our nation”.

Right to Life also gave warnings in the areas of hate speech and freedom of speech, and condemned the Government for failing “to protect women and their precious unborn from the violence of abortion, which is now promoted as no longer a crime, but health care”. The latter led Right to Life to state its belief that the Government has no moral right to be in office.

In a facebook interview with Brendan Malone after the general election, National MP Simon O’Connor forecast “major changes on the social front” under the new Government.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the gender identity ideologies and so forth, hate speech, further erosion of conscience rights. That will be pushed ahead,” he said.

Speaking on election night on October 17, Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern noted the broad range of support that her party had received, and said, “We will be a party that governs for every New Zealander”.


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  1. Bruce Jones says

    The courage of pro-life groups stands in stark contrast to much apathy.
    Most important is the effect on the Catholic birthrate.
    It is also a manifestation of what lies in the heart of many Catholics, that the US is not founded on a secular religion
    but on a universal belief in God.
    The 1973 Humanist manifesto contains the words “There is no credible evidence life survives the death of the body”.
    Even near-death experiences can refute that. Fervent believing Catholics nevertheless need more to bring the lost sheep back to the fold.
    It should be that Rome speaks against abortion, as a sign of contradiction.
    The pro-life groups appear to be a significantly strong sign of contradiction in the US.

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