More priest retirement housing in Mosgiel

Concrete workers putting the finishing touches on the floor pad for the two house units, with one of the earlier versions in the background.


Work is underway with the concrete flooring pad laid on another set of retirement houses for Dunedin diocesan priests out in the grounds of the Holy Cross Centre at Mosgiel.

The two new housing units are positioned parallel to an existing complex of four units that are contained in two similar structures, which were originally started back in 2007, and were completed ready-for-occupation by mid-2008.

Each of the new units has an associated internal garage. Inside the unit itself, there are twin bedrooms and an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge spaces which do not differ to any great extent from the design features in their neighbouring forerunners. The floor plan and general appearance is virtually the same.

Another similarity is that David Reid Homes, which was responsible for the construction of the first set of four units back in 2007/2008 is again responsible for building the new units. It is anticipated that the units will be completed about March/April 2021 and be available for new tenants.

Each unit costs $290,000 and a very generous donation covered the cost of one of them. Further donations from the local community have been encouraging, but further support for the project would be greatly appreciated as there is limited available funding.

The existing units are very much appreciated by the retired clergy living in them. They find them to be warm, comfortable units and their location has many advantages.

They are not far from the centre of Mosgiel and the shops including supermarkets. Then, just a short distance from their doors, is the Holy Cross Centre and Burns Lodge complex, with a chapel and also the local parish church of the Immaculate Conception.

Besides those advantages the units are placed in a pleasant location with trees and gardens and extensive flat grounds. The parish school is also relatively close.



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