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The remediation of three of the buildings of Holy Cross Seminary in Ponsonby will begin by the end of the year.

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference earlier decided to remediate the leaky building at the seminary at an estimated cost of $7.6 million.

In the seminary’s September 2020 newsletter, it was stated that the buildings, built during the leaky homes period, needed recladding, new roofing and windows reinstalled, all rotten timber replaced as well as to be brought up to code.

“It is disappointing that we have to do this and spend the money required to complete the work, but it is required and necessary. During the work, a small amount of refurbishment will happen to fix some design issues but most of the work is remediation,” it was said in the newsletter.

The seminary is made up of two accommodation blocks and an administration block. The accommodation blocks are made up of six small self-contained three-bedroom apartments.

The work will take 18 months and will be done in three stages. Students and staff will continue living there while the work is going on.

“It will be a very disruptive time for the students and staff with moving between blocks as required, having construction going on around us as we live, study and work, but we understand the need and are all looking forward to having a safe, dry and clean environment,” the newsletter stated.

“We are grateful to the project group who have worked on this and for the expertise of its members in getting us to this point.”



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