Celebration of Fr Murphy’s 50th jubilee

Fr Peter Murphy at the celebration.


On Saturday, June 27, Fr Peter Murphy celebrated Mass with members of his family and parishioners of St Mary’s, Papakura, to mark the 50th anniversary of his ordination to priesthood on June 27, 1970.  The liturgy included a moving rendition on violin of Panis Angelicus, at Fr Peter’s request, by his nephew Tristan Carter, accompanied by parishioner Judith Courtney.  Of course, being Fr Peter’s Mass, there was also meditation!

At a celebratory supper after the Mass, Fr Peter spoke of his journey since ordination, especially the inspiration he drew from his mentor, the late Fr Tom Ryder, and his “Road to Emmaus” moment that led him to his commitment to meditation. Never one to miss a moment, Fr Peter thanked those present for the opportunity to call Papakura home, and exhorted those present to connect with God through the stillness into which meditation draws people.

St Mary’s gives thanks for our wonderful priest and friend, and commends Fr Peter for his loving service to the Lord and his people.

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  1. Viona Krause-Davis says

    My name is Viona Krause-Davis, myself and my family have known Fr Peter Murphy for close to 50 years if not more.

    Father Peter was also our Parish Priest @ St Pius X, Tokoroa all those many years ago before he ventured up to Auckland. My parents then moved back up to Auckland when I was 15, myself and my older brothers and a sister remained in the homestead , and at school; I moved up a year and a half later, followed by my sister and the brother just older than I.
    My parents and Fr Peter reunited when my mum began working at the Auckland City Mission, namely, at one of the few safe houses – where Fr Peter also worked.
    We have a happy, blessed history w Fr Peter; he is a beautiful gentle peaceful soul, an intellectual, an amazing human – befitting isn’t it that he took up his calling in the priesthood 50 years ago, not surprising considering the man that he is. We’re proud to be associated w you Father Peter.

    My mum Etevise, and myself; family included – we extend our blessings, congratulations and sincerest best wishes for many more happy years ahead in your vocation Father Peter.

    Much respect always.

    Alofa tele i’ate oe – Big love to you always Father Peter Murphy.

    Etevise Krause, Viona Krause-Davis & Aiga xx

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