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It is important to encourage young people in their faith as well as in bringing their faith to areas of leadership in the secular world.

This is the view of 21-year-old Marion Breinhorst, who is hoping to be the first Kiwi to attend Catholic Worldview Fellowship in July, 2020.

The Catholic Worldview Fellowship is a summer programme for tertiary students with a Regnum Christi charism. Its website states its mission as: “forms, networks and empowers talented college students to evangelise culture through an experience of the Catholic worldview”.

“I think it will give me a lot of great skills that I could use in my youth ministry,” she said. “It will really be a great opportunity for me to bring those skills back to the parish and even greater Auckland and then we can really enable our youth to find [the] leadership opportunities that they can.”

Miss Breinhorst is currently a Lifeteen core member running a youth group at the East Coast Bays parish on the North Shore.

She said her parents are active members of Regnum Christi and she grew up joining summer camps. She is a lay member of Regnum Christi.

“Regnum Christi had always been a part of my life because they are focused on family apostolates and families working together to bring Christ to others. That was quite an important thing to my parents. And I agree as well. I think it (Regnum Christi) will be a great thing for me to move forward into my future with,” she said.

Miss Breinhorst said she is particularly interested in the leadership workshops the fellowship would offer.

“My Mum has always raised us to have prayer first and to always make sure to bring God to the things we do. Which is why these leadership workshops sound promising to me, because it can always be hard to integrate faith into everything else you do,” she said.

At present, Miss Breinhorst is a student majoring in Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Auckland. She participated in the Heart of the Artist event held at the diocesan centre early last year (2019).

She is currently raising funds for her trip. The first three weeks of the fellowship takes place at Schloss Wissen in Germany, while the last week will be in Rome, Italy.

Those who wish to help her can visit her page at

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