Aid for thousands of displaced Rohingya

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Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is continuing to work with its partners in Bangladesh to help hundreds of thousands of displaced Rohingya.

This population is highly vulnerable, due to a history of statelessness and trauma. Flooding, landslides and high winds have made life more treacherous, adding to the misery of the over-crowded conditions of the camps.

The humanitarian response to the refugee crisis has helped to alleviate some of the strain on local resources and improve the living conditions in the refugee camps. Numerous agencies have worked together to provide food, shelter, protection, education, health services, water, sanitation, hygiene and accessibility throughout the camps.

While the immediate needs of the refugees are being met, the long-term effects of the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of people also need to be addressed.

The Rohingya refugee crisis is a protracted emergency. Agencies say long-term considerations must be made for the safety and well-being of the Rohingya and the people of Bangladesh, who are sharing their homelands with the refugees.

This means better infrastructure and housing, waste management, safety and security systems, environmental protections and opportunities for livelihoods and meaningful work.

Caritas Bangladesh has been commended for their outstanding work in the Rohingya refugee camps. Their efforts include the improvement of roads and drainage
systems, the addition of bridges for increased accessibility, and the installation of solar streetlights
which contribute to safety in the camps at night.

Temporary shelters are being rebuilt for durability, dignity and safety. Latrines, deep tube wells and bathing areas have been installed and maintained throughout the camps through Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) initiatives.

The need for continued support now is no less urgent and again this year, the New Zealand Aid Programme
has kindly agreed to match Caritas’ efforts dollar for dollar up to $150,000.

This is a significant contribution and will allow support for Caritas Bangladesh in proving support and supplies where it is most urgently needed.

Learn more about previous work with the Rohingya refugees on Caritas’ website and for more information about this appeal visit the Caritas website or donate there (

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