National Safeguarding Lead welcomed

Pamela Arthurs

The National Office for Professional Standards has welcomed Pamela Arthurs as the new National Safeguarding Lead to provide support
to dioceses, congregations and Catholic organisations in the continued implementation of safeguarding practices around the country.

The office is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Catholic Church’s safeguarding policy and procedures for children and vulnerable adults.

Bishop Stephen Lowe, of the National Committee for Professional Standards, said “all dioceses have confirmed adoption of a national
safeguarding policy, which sets consistent expectations of how to develop and maintain safe environments in all of our Church entities”.

The office is developing a range of support materials and resources to support parishes and others to implement safeguarding practices.

A key initiative is the roll out of safeguarding workshops to support volunteers and employees undertake their roles safely and with confidence.

Dioceses are at various stages of delivery of “Workshop One”, which is for all those who work with, or provide ministry to, children and/ or vulnerable adults.

The director of the National Office for Professional Standards, Virginia Noonan, is overseeing the national safeguarding roll-out, and has been meeting with various groups of people in each diocese to support this work.

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