Massgoers in Auckland diocese quizzed

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Sunday Massgoers in Auckland diocese were asked last month about many different aspects of their parish lives.The survey was aimed at providing data to help prepare Auckland diocese’s next pastoral plan.

There were 53 questions in the Church Life Survey, prepared by the New Zealand Christian Research Association.

The survey is nationwide and includes mainline, Pentecostal, independent and house churches.

Other Catholic dioceses in New Zealand were invited to participate in the survey, which
can be taken up to the end of the year.

On the weekend of August 18- 19, all parishes and communities in which Sunday Masses were celebrated in Auckland diocese were asked by Bishop Patrick Dunn to take part in the survey.

Respondents’ answers were anonymous. The survey was aimed at Massgoers aged 15 and older.

According to the New Zealand Christian Network website, “The Church Life Survey is a tool for surveying congregations which has been used since 1997 and is supervised by a committee from various denominations”.

The survey gathered data on those participating, including their gender, ethnicity, educational qualification, marital status and employment status.

It also had sections on “you and your church”, “you and your faith”, “you and your community”, “you and your involvement here” and “leadership and direction”.

A similar survey was carried out several years ago in Auckland diocese; the data gained helped inform pastoral planning.

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