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CDC Students at SJC

The Catholic Discipleship College is hoping to raise $1 million by January next year in order to purchase a permanent facility where it can form the next generation of leaders for the New Zealand Church.

The CDC, which is currently based at the St Joseph’s Centre in Takapuna, is looking for a new home after being told by the Auckland diocese that it will not be renewing the lease next year due to maintenance issues.

CDC Board of Trustees chair Bruce Fraser-Jones acknowledged the generous support of Bishop Patrick Dunn and the Auckland diocese for the last 11 years.

“We know that this is not a decision that was made lightly and we accept that the time has come for CDC to start a new chapter,” Mr Fraser-Jones said.

Mr Fraser-Jones appealed to friends and supporters of CDC to help them.

“Securing a new home for CDC is a major undertaking, requiring significant fundraising in a very condensed time frame,” he said.

“It would mean increased stability for the college and a greater freedom to carry out our mission,” Mr Fraser-Jones said.

Formation and household leader Dr Cameron Surrey said finding a new home has become imperative for the CDC as things “have really been gaining momentum over the last 12 months”.

“We already have five amazing applicants for CDC 2018, with more on the way, as well as a number of this year’s students who desire to form a CDC mission team,” he said.

Mr Surrey said this year the college has hosted more retreat days, evening classes, parish missions, and conferences than ever before.

“All people, and especially today’s youth, have a deep longing to encounter Christ and receive his call to a personal friendship. CDC meets this longing by providing a nine month experience of formation, community life, prayer and outreach, and by running events for the wider community,” he added.

Mr Fraser-Jones said raising $1 million “is an ambitious goal which we feel the Holy Spirit is leading us to pursue”.

“We are trusting in St Joseph, provider and protector of the Holy Family of Nazareth, to intercede for us, so that by God’s grace and the generosity of the faithful people of New Zealand, we can provide CDC with a permanent home,” he said.

The college started a page to raise funds.

Those who would like to help can also contact CDC directly thru email: or by calling them at 09 489 8197.

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