New prison chaplain commissioned at Raglan

4 Peter Finlay prison chaplain

Peter Finlay was commissioned in his ministry as prison chaplain at Holy Name parish, Raglan during the regular weekend Mass, on Saturday July 22.

The senior Catholic prison chaplain, Sr Veronica Casey, PBVM, was present to call forward Mr Finlay from his worshipping community to be commissioned by Bishop Stephen Lowe into this special ministry at Spring Hill Corrections Facility in the North Waikato.

According to information from Hamilton diocese, prison ministry involves the whole Church community and the commissioning of chaplains in the presence of their worshipping community involves them  as not only a witness to the community, but allows that the community might also prayerfully support the chaplain in their role.

During the commissioning ceremony the congregation was asked if they, the People of God, by their love and support would encourage Mr Finlay in his mission to which they all responded “we will”.

Mr Finlay’s wife, Jo, and a number of their children were present to support him and along with the community shared in a wonderful potluck meal downstairs in the parish flat after Mass.

The occasion was also an opportunity for the Raglan parishioners to more formally welcome Fr Alfonso Dujali, MSP, who had recently been appointed as their new parish priest.

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