First album for Kiwi cruise musician


Working as a musician on a cruise ship gave Eli Moore a trove of music that eventually led to his first album.

“I have maybe 50 or something songs that I’ve written from the last 8 years. In trying to release a debut album, it’s kind of a heavy thought to think which of these songs do I trim down to make my first album, the first representation of my music,” he said.

The launch of Ship Life, Mr Moore’s album is set for July 21 at 8.30 pm in Parnell’s Juice Bar in Auckland.

And though it is not strictly a Catholic/Christian album, the songs reflect his values.

“You will pick up strains of something like hope or a more genuine view of love,” he said.

Mr Moore had previously recorded an EP (an extended play which does not qualify as an album). He also produced an album for the Catholic Discipleship College some years back.

When he looked at his songs, he saw that some of them can be grouped together.

“A lot of these songs are about those (ship life) experiences and they sit together conceptually,” he said.

Mr Moore worked as a pianist for show bands on cruise ships which meant he would be playing musicals one night and pop songs the next.

“You have to be able to play everything and quick on your feet, improvise and sight read (piano music). It’s been really great for me as a musician to stay fit musically because you play with a lot of musicians,” he said.

He said his music was inspired by the 70’s which was for him, the great era of pop music.

“The musicianship is really high level. The lyrics are perceptive and poetic and the production style is oriented around the song,” he said.

He said he put a lot of thought and work in dressing the songs.

“Musically, I hope that it’s going to be very satisfying to people who maybe are tired of listening to the loops on air. Hopefully, they want to hear something meatier in the lyrics,” he said.

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