Psychiatrist queries pro-life contributions to abortion

Dr Philip Ney

Abortion cannot be stopped unless pro-life people understand how they are contributing to it, said a prominent Canadian pro-life child and family psychiatrist.

Dr Philip Ney, in an interview with NZ Catholic, said the majority of people who claim to be pro-life don’t live that way.

“Probably the most important thing that nobody wants to hear but needs to hear is: you can’t resolve any kind of problem until you understand how you are contributing to it,” he said.

He pointed out, as an example, the fact that abortionists are paid by public funds.

“The fact of the matter is that you and I pay the abortionist, don’t we? We’re contributing to the problem because those who kill preborn babies get paid with our taxes,” he said.

If Christians in New Zealand refused to pay that percentage of their taxes which funds abortion, the government would certainly notice, he said.

“What are the chances that you’ll be thrown into jail for not paying your taxes? Not very great if thousands of people did it. If you really want to save babies it is the chance that you’ll have to take. It is the logical thing to do if you really believe that abortion is murdering a little person,” he added.

Dr Ney said, he wants people to realise that the discrepancy between what they believe and how they live is undermining their prolife efforts and harming their health.

“There is this incredible discrepancy and it is dehumanising them.  If you won’t hear the muted cry of the pre-born baby, you lose the capacity to hear your own cries,” he said.

“When you can’t hear your spirit, mind and body protest your life style, you won’t feel the early warnings of ill health,” he added.

Dr Ney, himself, lost one academic and three clinical positions for his pro-life stance.

“The importance of anything to anybody is determined by the amount of time and money that they spend on it,” he said. “It’s time for all people who say they are pro-life to live it and stop giving themselves all sorts of excuses for their fears and passivity.”

Dr Ney has done extensive research on abortion and its effects on women who had the abortion as well as to the siblings of the aborted baby.

He said there is a large amount of scientific data to show that abortion significantly increases: suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, premature birth and miscarriage, breast cancer, pathological grief, depression, psychiatric admissions and poor general health.

“Abortion is never necessary. There is no evidence of benefit to women who abort their babies.  Abortions are not done in good faith because no abortionist does a proper follow-up of his aborted patients,” he said.

“Without necessity, benefit and good faith the practice of abortion is not good evidence based medicine. Without medical justification, the practice of abortion is tantamount to criminal assault,” he further explained.

The scientific support for these statements can be read by anyone on and in the books and papers written by: Dr.David Reardon, Dr. Philip Ney, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, Dr. David Fergusson and others.

Dr Ney said approximately 60% of all women in the world have had an abortion by the age of 45.   He also said there is a positive correlation between women who had abortion and child abuse.  In addition, children who are part of a family which has aborted one or more children feel guilty for being alive, live dangerously, have a very uncertain personal identity and poorly use their talents and opportunities.

“This Post Abortion Survivors Syndrome affects up to 50% of the world’s population,” he said. Dr Ney, who has been full professor in 3 universities including University of Otago, advised Christians not to use conscience and morality when arguing against abortion.

“You can’t win that way because it is so difficult to define good conscience and morals. Argue science. Science is clearly on the side of pro-life. To argue science, you have to read it,” he said.

“And remember, the burden of proof lies squarely on the abortionists to show that abortion is necessary and beneficial. With so much data of harms, some life long and without strong evidence of necessity, benefit and good faith, abortionists  are committing criminal assault, and they know it. That is why so many are giving up their abortion practices,” he added.

Dr Ney is president of Mount Joy College in Victoria British Columbia which emphasises training in the Hope Alive method.

The Hope Alive method is a programme of counselling for those who have been damaged by a combination of childhood mistreatment and pregnancy losses, particularly abortion. It is empirically derived and effective with good scientific results published in a peer reviewed medical journal.

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