‘Hospital for the soul’ set up in north Canterbury


A plan to set up a “hospital for the soul” is now coming to fruition. Emotionally Free Prayer Counselling chairperson Diana Ingle said after six years of praying
and discerning, the organisation is finally able to offer the services of a respite healing centre in north Canterbury.

“It could be called a hospital for the soul,” Mrs Ingle said.

“A respite healing centre is a Christian place of respite and restoration where you can take time out with God, rest, be cared for with love, be fed healthy meals, enjoy tranquil  surroundings, and if you wish participate in daily prayer devotions and soul healing prayer with trained prayer counsellors,” she explained.

Mrs Ingle said that as Catholic prayer counsellors in the soul healing ministry, they had come
across a lot of people who had been dealing with a lot of pain.

“We have found almost  everyone has shared a painful or difficult time in their life when they would have benefited from some TLC (tender loving care) in a safe, caring, Christian environment,” she said.

Mrs Ingle said they are not equipped to handle cases of persons with acute mental illness, but can help those who are anxious, depressed or burned-out and who are seeking rest in the presence of God.

The respite healing centre located in Okuku can receive up to three guests at a time. People can stay there for a few days or a week.

At the moment, there is a suggested koha of $100 a night to cover operating costs, which
includes all meals and if necessary, transport from and to the airport.

“We are setting up a charitable trust and will be fundraising, but we need monthly supporters
or sponsors to help us provide bed nights for those who can’t afford it,” Mrs Ingle said.

“All staff and helpers are generously volunteering their time and services, but we are seeking
generous benefactors to assist us in the purchase of the property to secure the future provision of this beautiful facility and services,” she added.

She said there is a little chapel and visiting priests offer weekday Mass and when appropriate, sacraments of healing.

Mrs Ingle clarified that people do not have to be Catholics to stay in the respite centre. “We
accept people from all Christian denominations and non-Christians who are open to experiencing God’s love and healing,” she said.

She added that guests of the centre will not be compelled to attend any kind of programme.
She also said there is a non-residential conference venue on site for groups who want to attend healing courses or use their facility for retreats.

To book a stay, contact Diane or Paul on 03-312 8672. 

For further information how to become a financial partner in this important work of mercy, contact Di Ingle at 027 3009887 or email: emotionallyfreenz@gmail.com   or make a donation on their give a little page https://givealittle.co.nz/org/cranz

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