Dunedin diocese restructuring


The diocese of Dunedin is undergoing a major restructuring aimed at addressing the financial difficulties it is facing. This was confirmed by Bishop Colin Campbell who said, “at this stage, the process is underway and will continue well into the new year”.

Dunedin diocese general manager Gerald Scanlan left his position on December 23, 2016, after his role was disestablished.

“After a period of consultation and deliberation, Bishop Colin (Campbell) has decided to disestablish the role of general manager for the diocese of Dunedin.  He has done this as the first stage of a process of change in diocesan roles and structures over the next few months, designed to address the challenging financial situation of the diocese,” Mr Scanlan told NZ Catholic.

Bishop Campbell said the move is in no way a reflection on Mr Scanlan. “[The decision] . . . is a consequence of the necessary restructuring to address our financial deficit. This restructuring will go on into the new year affecting other diocesan positions and property,” he told Catholics in Dunedin.

The bishop thanked Mr Scanlan “for his dedication and commitment to the Church over the last two plus years.

“His energy and resilience have been complemented by hard work and steadfastness. He is a skilled facilitator and highly motivated in his work.”

Mr Scanlan said, despite the financial problems, the diocese “remains a vigorous local Church”.

The diocese reported a total deficit of $517, 202 in its statement of comprehensive income for the year ending December 31, 2015. This was up from a total deficit of $139,269 reported for 2014.

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