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Digital media boffins at Auckland diocese are happy at the high traffic through the diocese’s new website over Holy Week and Easter.

From March 21 to March 29, there were 18,916 page views on the site, with nearly 11,000 of these being on pages about Mass times.

The peak traffic came on Good Friday, with nearly 5000 page views.

A usual week sees about 2000 page views on the website.

The diocese’s new website was launched in November last year.

An upgrade to the Mass times search capability on the website was installed in February.
People can now type in their location in the diocese, and will be given links to Mass times in parishes within a specified distance.

The hope is that as the websites of Auckland parishes are progressively upgraded, they will be able linked to the diocesan Mass times information, thereby sharing the same look and feel.

Dames Lyndsay Freer and Pat Lythe and others worked hard to collate the Holy Week liturgy times for the website.

Mass time information can be found on Auckland diocese’s website at:


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