NZ lawyer ordained deacon in Melbourne

Dr Justin Glyn

New Zealand lawyer Dr Justin Glyn was ordained a deacon of the Society of Jesus at St Carthage’s in Melbourne on November 28.

Dr Justin Glyn

Dr Justin Glyn

The main celebrant at the ordination Mass was the Bishop of Port Pirie, Bishop Gregory, SJ.
In an email exchange, Deacon Glyn said his ordination to the priesthood was scheduled for the middle of next year, possibly in Auckland.
“I have one course in my Masters of Theological Studies to finish, and will also complete my ad audiendum (allowing me to hear confessions) ,” he wrote.
“At the same time, I am likely to be involved in parish work in Melbourne, gaining needed liturgical and sacramental experience.”
Deacon Glyn qualified and practised law in South Africa before immigrating to New Zealand, where he worked as a barrister sole, and then in major commercial law firms in Auckland.
He graduated PhD from the University of Auckland Law School in 2008 with a thesis on whether and how international law legitimately constrains administrative decision making in immigration and refugee cases.
This issue was highlighted by controversies over the Tampa refugees and immigration to the West.
A book based on his thesis, Fundamental Rights in Administrative Decision-making, has been published by Presidian Legal Publications.

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  1. John says

    Remarkable insight into global conspiratorial activity was eloquently expressed by Mrs Nesta Webster, in her scholarly study, “Secret societies and subversive movements.” when she wrote nearly a century ago:

    “For the final goal of world revolution, is not Socialism or even Communism, it is not a change in the existing economic system, it is not the destruction of civilisation in a material sense; the revolution desired by leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout nineteen centuries shall be reversed, all honoured traditions trampled underfoot, and above all, the Christian ideal finally obliterated.”

    The urging by Pius X is clear in his Oath of Sept 1 1910: “…Finally, I declare that I am completely opposed to the error of the modernists who hold that there is nothing divine in sacred tradition..”

    Currently with dissident priesthood who do not show support for Pope Francis on the issue of heterosexual marriage, who turn up with a bottle of wine and put on a clerical collar (that they admit is for the occasion) to rub shoulders and gain ascendancy not unlike former Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams who knelt to kiss the fist of St John Paul II and then went back (after an appropriate rebuke about the Bishop of New Hampshire) to declare Homosexual coupling as marriage, taking the Queen and David Cameron down the same road of foolishness, forgetting the statement of Pope Francis that such homosexual “marriage” is “The work of the devil”. Apologies? Nope. How sad.

    What the church needs are decent men, to stand up to such dissidents, -who lead many astray, give good people unnecessary extra work to do-and challenge all to follow Christ, by word, example, and stimulate others to enter the mystery.

    Youth today who are very confused need good teachers, grounded in love, without the pernicious influence that has eroded the US, and much of Europe.

    Much of American youth, persuaded by carnality instead of spirituality, who have turned their back son eternal truths, to become preoccupied with a search for “pleasure” through drugs and animalistic sex, have arrived now to take up the Guardianship role, where so little of value is left to preserve, is already at a point where they can be ordered and enslaved..
    …by ISLAM.

    Priesthood have a great part to play, a challenge with many obstacles, need prayer, and savvy mature well read Catholics, who are determined to keep the best for future generations, and preserve the priceless heritage for all those who follow.

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