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A new free publication aims to keep Kiwi Catholics up to date with the latest developments in the cause for sainthood of Mother Suzanne Aubert.
Mo Aubert
The first edition of the Suzanne Aubert News was issued in July.
John Bergin of Auckland is responsible for the writing and production. He said it is a print version of an e-newsletter that he has developed.
He said the plan is that it will be published quarterly, “building up to monthly once we get closer to [hoped for] beatification”. The first print run was more than 3000.
“The plan is to significantly increase that,” Mr Bergin said, adding that it is being distributed through a supporters’ network and in nominated parishes.
He has been building up a team of “Suzanne Aubert parish coordinators” at churches throughout New Zealand, and more than 100 of these are in place.
Those coordinators provide a link between the Sisters of Compassion and the local parish communities, keeping
priests and parishioners informed of cause developments and ensuring material on the cause is available in church foyers.
The goal is to have a coordinator in every parish in New Zealand.
A website — — has been live since February.
The first edition of the Suzanne Aubert News noted that the positio (case for Mother Aubert’s cause) is being reviewed by theologians in Rome. It is expected they will vote at the end of the northern summer (end of the New
Zealand winter).
Their opinion, along with the documentation, will then be sent to the cardinals and bishops of the Congregation
for the Causes of Saints for their approval.
If they agree with the theologians, they will, in turn, send a report to the Holy Father, along with a request that he approve a decree stating that Mother Aubert was indeed a woman of heroic Christian virtue.
With the Pope’s approval, she will then be declared “Venerable”.
Further steps involving the recognition of miracles are involved on the path to beatification and canonisation.

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