Special papal blessing for Eva


Pope Francis has given his papal blessing to Inglewood parishioner Eva Lamplough for her dedicated service to the Church.

Mrs Lamplough is a parishioner at Sacred Heart Church, in Taranaki.
The papal blessing was presented to Mrs Lamplough at Mass on June 14 by Fr Freddie Barte. This coincided with the celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart. A potluck lunch followed.
Parishioner Mary Coombe was instrumental in the granting of the papal blessing.
Mrs Coombe said that even though Mrs Lamplough is in her 80s, she still carries out her duties without fail.
“Eva has been caring for the needs of our priest and our church for more than 30 years, and in those early days there was Mass three times on the weekend and most days of the week,” said Mrs Coombe. “She does not drive, so wet or fine she would trudge across town to set up the church for Mass, weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc. And, of course, she, has to clean up
She said Mrs Lamplough makes sure that everything used is washed or polished before it is put away. Mrs Lamplough also washes and irons altar linens as well as the priest’s vestments.
“For the last 13 years since we don’t have a resident priest, Eva has lived in the presbytery, with the added responsibility of opening and closing the church seven days a week, plus the multitudes off other things that need attending to.
“If she thinks the floor looks untidy she will grab the vacuum cleaner, same for the toilets,
and the dusting,” Mrs Coombe said. “It is a fact, the smooth running of our church revolves
around her.”
Mrs Lamplough was secretary at St Patrick School for many years as well as the bishop’s representative on the school board of trustees. She remains a strong supporter of the school.
Over the years Mrs Lamplough has been on church committees and still serves on the
liturgy committee.

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