The Fight on Anzac Cove


by Madelon Muschamp, Room 3, St Francis Xavier School, Dunedin
(The following is a fictional account of ANZAC morning as imagined by a 6-year old girl.)
We arrived at Anzac Cove (not Brighton Beach).
I heard a bullet zoom past my ear. I was getting out of the boat when I heard a bullet explode next to me.
SONY DSCOne of the soldiers got shot in the leg and that soldier was my best friend Nick. Nick was one of the oldest soldiers. Then I heard several more bombs explode beside our boat.
A few seconds later I saw a bullet shoot past my feet. Quickly I dived down onto the sand. It was the worst morning ever.

Madelon Muschamp is a 6 year old pupil at St Francis Xavier School in Dunedin. She is one of our contributor Jeff Dillon‘s grandchildren.

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