Spiritual director to visit NZ

A hugely experienced spiritual director and retreat director from New
Jersey is to visit New Zealand to offer a series of courses in January.
Maureen Conroy is co-director of the Upper Room Spiritual Centre in
New Jersey, USA. She is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Sisters of Mercy Community, and has been a spiritual director and retreat director since 1985. She is involved in the formation of spiritual directors and offers workshops
on spiritual direction, discernment, supervision and holistic spirituality.
The newly formed Arrupe New Zealand team has invited Sr Maureen to come to New Zealand to offer a series of courses in January. Arrupe NZ is a formation programme for spiritual directors in the Ignatian tradition. That programme begins in February next year. The graduate course is offered in association with Sentir Graduate College of spiritual formation, and the University of Divinity in Melbourne.
Arrupe programme director, Kevin Gallagher, said the visit of Sr Maureen
is an opportunity offered by Arrupe NZ for spiritual directors, counsellors,
pastoral workers and others interested in learning from her extensive experience and wisdom in that ministry.
Sr Maureen said that she practises “a contemplative, evocative approach to
spiritual direction. This involves deep contemplative listening to help people
access the healing power of God’s unconditional love within themselves.”
Sr Maureen said she enjoys helping people to grow in their relationship
with God and to experience God’s healing.
“Through this wonderful ministry, a person has the opportunity to find
God in hard times, in the struggles and in the joys of his or her life,” she said.
“It is a privilege to be a compassionate presence for others.”
Sr Maureen added that the longest journey is the journey inward. “The
intention is to help people take that long journey inward and help them to
find God there,” she said.
In addition to her spiritual direction ministry, she is a certified massage
therapist, and one of her courses in Wellington is a one-day training workshop
titled “Contemplative Healing Touch”.
Maureen Conroy has written a number of books on spirituality, spiritual
direction, and supervision of spiritual directors.
For information on the courses offered by Arrupe NZ in Wellington visit www.arrupe.org.nz

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