Faithful servants are named as trustworthy

by Fr Kevin Waldie, SM
November 16: 33rd Sunday of Year: Readings:1. Proverbs 31:10-13, 19-20.30-31; Psalm 128; 2. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6; Gospel, Matthew 25:14-30
This Sunday’s woman of Proverbs has become a classic figure in biblical literature.
That is because she stands out as someone exceptional and renowned for her ability to do many things. But, it is to be noted, that taking pride of place among her talents are her trustworthiness and fear of the Lord. She thus possesses a wisdom to be prized above all gifts because in the midst of her activity she knows what matters most. She is a woman of God. And she feels at home in God’s presence. Her example leads the way, especially in the context of the other readings set down for today.Paul’s advice to the Church at Thessalonica sits well with this first reading and its woman of note. In speaking to the Thessalonians he reminds them that they too possess the wisdom to know who they are and what they must do to remain true to their Christian identity.
As children of the light they are to be ever alert to the demands of their calling, in anticipation of the day when the Lord will come again.
The longish passage from Matthew is also about wisdom, the wisdom to see
what in practical terms needs to be done in the here and now. From the story thatJesus tells it becomes obvious that anyone who works for the Lord must be diligent about everything he or she does. There is much good to be done and it must be seen to have achieved a measurable outcome.
So in the service of the Lord and Master, those who have been faithful servants are named as trustworthy.
All three readings therefore act together to impress upon us the attitude of
mind and industry we are to adopt as we go about our daily duties.

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