Marriage a call for the good of Christian society

It’s years since I formed the dearest friendship of my life, with a man who’s gay. He’s gone from me now to the far side of the world, with several others, but for a while you could have called me a fag hag.
I say this to avert accusations of gay bashing and establish my credentials as a contributor to the same-sex “marriage” debate. With submissions on the Marriage Amendment Bill closing in days, it seems opportune to raise the issue again, this time from a fleshly perspective to the spiritual, as manifested by the Mystical Body of Christ.
At the height of World War II, when the Church and civilisation itself were threatened, in Mystici Corporis Pope Pius XII declared that married couples were summoned by God to the heights of holiness, as a prerequisite for “the increase of Christian society”, to bring up children to become other Christs. Without “correct religious education of the offspring”, he said, “this Mystical Body would be in great danger”.
A prescient remark: Seventy years on, in the West, churches and seminaries have closed. Christians are endangered. Most married New Zealand Catholics are working, struggling to support two or three children, and too busy to take them to Mass.
Meanwhile, the seemingly glamorous gay lifestyle offers a double income and no kids. Disposable time and money may explain why the political clout of the homosexual lobby is out of proportion to its size, propelling many MPs who’d declared civil unions to be “end of story” into the aye lobby again, to vote for this bill.
But in countries where it’s legal, few gays have married. What they’re really promoting is societal acceptance of a practice described by St Paul as “men doing shameful things with men and receiving in themselves due reward for their perversion” (Romans 1:18-27), as a norm.
My offsprings’ ignorance of God’s Word on this subject proves their religious education — mea culpa! — to have been far from correct. That’s typical of their generation, but having four siblings each is not. Catholic families have shrunk in size, faith and its practice and, anecdotally, we know priests come from traditional, mostly large, families.
Without priests, Christ cannot survive in our world eucharistically; without Catholic men and women marrying and having children, he cannot survive mystically. God surrenders his future on this planet to married Catholics.
Seen in this light, the campaign for equating homosexual relationships with the sacrament of matrimony acquires a sinister significance. Spawned by the father of lies, it captures idealistic youth who see Satan as a joke, and is pursued with an energy and determination that may be termed demonic.
We’ve fallen short of those heights of holiness. We can scale them still, but only by contemplating Christ.

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  1. Leo says

    Julia, I firmly believe that he who controls the language controls the debate. It’s not for no reason that pro-abortionists want to be called pro-choice, and to describe in utero children as “products of conception”.
    Now, I think we should be interested in controlling the debates we Catholics are required to engage in. Homosexualism is one of those.
    For how many centuries have homosexuals been described derisively in terms such as faggot, poofter, nancy boy….. ? Until recent decades when the homosexual lobby devised the term “gay” to describe themselves.
    As pro-choice suggests that the merchants of death are really just lovely people who care passionately about freedom and justice, “gay” projects a lifestyle that is all about fun, frolic, happiness, cheerfulness, light-heartedness…..
    So, whenever we use the term “gay” to mean homosexual, we’re promoting the homosexual cause.

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