Integrity leads atheist to Catholicism

WASHINGTON (CWN) — The Patheos website provides for expressions of all sorts of religious sentiments, and even accommodates atheists.
Leah Libresco had been an engaging writer for the “Atheist” channel on the Patheos site, trying to demonstrate that moral laws can be discerned without reference to God. Then one day she caught herself saying: “I guess Morality just loves me or something.”
Showing enough integrity to follow the logic of her own thoughts, Libresco realised: “I believed that the moral law wasn’t just a platonic truth, abstract and distant. It turns out I actually believed it was some kind of Person, as well as Truth.”
If that Person sounds like someone you know, you won’t be surprised by the announcement that Libresco has switched to the “Catholic” channel on Patheos. She has since reported her own interesting conversion story.

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