NZ bishop criticises new English of Mass


A potentially controversial opinion piece by the Bishop of Dunedin, Bishop Colin Campbell, was published in The Tablet (UK) on September 17.
In his article, Bishop Campbell argues that the new translation of the English of the Mass is not good — and, in particular, that its lack of inclusive language is offensive to women.
When NZ Catholic talked to Bishop Campbell, he said he was happy for NZ Catholic to run his article in full, provided we gained the permission of the The Tablet. On October 19, NZ Catholic received that permission, to run the article on our website. The “Opinion” link on the left of this page will take readers there, as will this link (

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  1. lorraine.cooper says

    Kia ora Koe

    Thank you for publishing Bishop Campbell’s article- the exclusive language of the English translation is not okay in 2011-not that it ever was in my opinion

  2. Tess Rooney says

    As a woman I’m sick of the ugly, clunky use of inclusive language. I love the new translation because it is far more faithful to the Latin and is far easier on the ear. The liturgy should be beautiful and special, and using bland plain language is a bad idea. The language of the liturgy should be more formal, poetical and uplifting.

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