Encounters outside the mainstream

By Michael Otto | November 3, 2021 | 1 Comment

At one of the 1pm media conferences at the Beehive, reference was made to a comment by an Auckland public health physician – “We couldn’t get back to zero cases because Covid took hold in communities that mainstream society forgot. Our current situation is entirely due to poverty, housing and colonisation.”  On … Read More about Encounters outside the mainstream

Knitting our way towards the mind of the Creator

By NZ Catholic contributor | October 14, 2021 | 1 Comment

By NEIL BROOM  Although never having mastered the craft of knitting, I am the grateful recipient of a magnificent hand-knitted winter jersey, courtesy of my wife’s stellar knitting skills. The project commenced early during the first Covid lockdown in 2020 and was completed in time for this year’s chilly winter.  Quizzing my wife during the course of the jersey’s creation, I began pondering over the concept of a knitting pattern. Can it … Read More about Knitting our way towards the mind of the Creator

Being online and being kind

By Michael Otto | October 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

During the lockdowns, most Kiwis will have consumed more than their normal portions of online material, including on social media.   According to a study by Mosh, reported in a New Zealand Herald article, in 2020, Kiwis on average spent seven hours a day online.    This has its positive aspects, but it can have serious … Read More about Being online and being kind

The Legion of Mary

By Helen Luxford | September 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Legion of Mary turns 100 on September 7, 2021. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland, by Frank Duff, a layman. Such a beautiful milestone. The Legion of Mary is an apostolic organisation of lay people in the Catholic Church that has more than 3 million active members. The Legion … Read More about The Legion of Mary


By NZ Catholic contributor | August 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

by Bishop Peter Cullinane, Bishop Emeritus of Palmerston North diocese    An image has been occurring to me of boats that have become unmoored. They end up on the rocks, or colliding with one another. There are features of our Western world’s culture that seem to fit the image. Important … Read More about Unmoored

Obsessions and passions

By Helen Luxford | August 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

People talk a lot about being “obsessed” about something. They are so “into it” that they are consumed by it. I’ve seen this in the kids when they do those promotions at the supermarket at which you can collect items depending on your spend, and the kids seem obsessed with … Read More about Obsessions and passions