Golfing for charity raises $1100



There was a fair bit of faith, and certainly a good deal of hope among the participants in a round of golf for charity at the St Clair golf course in Dunedin on November 6.  

The strength of the faith seemed to be tested, judging by the direction some of the shots took from the first groups off the tees, which seemed to stray from the straight and narrow path and head down opposing fairways.  

Even members of the clergy were not immune from often-errant and wayward directions. The event certainly got approval from above as the cloudy conditions largely cleared and the sun beamed down to make for an enjoyable get-together for the 35 participants.  

They were supporting a fundraising activity for the Nano Nagle Charitable Trust (NNCT) which pays school fees for pupils attending Catholic schools, who meet hardship criteria.  

The golf at St Clair was the only main fundraiser able to be organised this year. The other usual activity, making and selling thousands of ordered cheese rolls, had been impacted first by Covid then abandoned as rapidly rising inflation saw bread and cheese prices rise to the point where it became uneconomic.  

Deborah Whitty, who along with Lee-Ann Henry organised the golf, said the event raised $1100. It also helped raise the profile of the Nano Nagle Trust among the participants and parishes.  

One pleased participant was Bishop Michael Dooley who was overheard describing his golf for the afternoon as “amazingly consistent”. He did not quite get to define “consistent”.  

However, he was convinced it was a “good day to get together and support a good cause”.  

The NNCT also relies on many donations. In one recent year it supported 55 children who met its criteria throughout New Zealand, with grants totalling $38,499 to help them continue to receive an education at a Catholic school. 

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