Nuncio makes plea for more vocations in NZ

The Apostolic Nuncio to New Zealand has pleaded for fervent prayers for more vocations to the priestly life, religious life, and Catholic married life. 

Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa

At the conclusion of a Mass celebrated during an African Cultural and Faith Day held at the Fickling Convention Centre at Three Kings, Auckland, on World Mission Sunday, October 23, Archbishop Rugambwa asked for promotion of vocations in families, family circles and beyond. 

“If we are happy to be here together, joined by this same faith that we are celebrating now, it is because of those people I have just mentioned,” those who lived their priestly, religious and married vocations, the archbishop said. 

He noted that there are “very few young men in the seminary here. We want more to join them. They are very few. They are not more than 15, I tell you”.  

“Let their number grow here, so that New Zealand may be a land that does not just receive the help but spreads it as well.” 

The Apostolic Nuncio warned people at the gathering not to think that “people from Wellington and Invercargill are sending priests to you. No, we want priests, religious, and people married in the Church from here!” 

He said, “Let is give thanks to God by offering ourselves to him”, adding that the blessings God would bestow in response would be such that they would never be forgotten. 

The Apostolic Nuncio challenged people to consider what the Church in New Zealand might be like in 20 years from now if there were not more vocations to priestly, religious and Catholic married life. 

The implications are not confined to the Church. Archbishop Rugambwa said that “It is good to see that people who believe in Christ prove to be good citizens as well. They serve society and serve God at the same time”. 


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