NZCBC new appointments

NZCBC bishops with Nuncio

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference has appointed Wellington Cardinal John Dew as its president.

Auckland Bishop Patrick Dunn stepped down from the role at the end of his three-year term and because of health reasons.

Hamilton Bishop Stephen Lowe was also appointed vice-president and secretary of the conference.

Auckland Auxiliary Bishop Michael Gielen was given responsibility for Youth and Young People and the Bilateral Dialogue with the Anglicans.

The bishops met in Palmerston North on October 28-30.

They also met with Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa, the incoming Deputy Head of Mission and First Secretary of the Nunciature Msgr Jose Martinez Franco, and outgoing First Secretary Msgr Edward Karaan.

Bishop Gielen, who attended an NZCBC meeting for the first time, said he was struck by the generosity and the genuine care the bishops have for the Church.

He said during the meeting there was a time set aside for reflection on the challenges and the opportunities the Church is facing as well as on the impact that the pandemic had.

“There was a deep passion and concern for how we can better serve the Church and an openness to listen to what people had to say and to where the Holy Spirit was leading,” he said.

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